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[GEN] xJudah BAMF posted Thu at 19:14

Hey clan today is a very exciting day, the Nameless Gaming Organization has merged with Storm Gaming for our Call of Duty Division. We have negotiated a merger that brings 25-40 new CoD members to our clan immediately. We are also excited to announce SG Titus and nG Dalali as co-Commanders of our Call of Duty 360 division clan. SG Titus has been in clan leadership for more than 6 years and has commanded clans upwards of 300 in size. We feel that his leadership and commitment to being the best CoD clan in the world is exactly what Nameless is looking for to further grow. nG Dalali has been a devoted clan member dating back to the DwF days and has shown great skill and leadership qualities. nG Dalali was recently promoted to lieutenant Commander and since then has exhibited the ability to lead and command. So effective immediately nG Dalali is promoted to Co-Commander with SG Titus of our CoD 360 division. Please take some time to congratulate them and we appreciate your cooperation in helping with this transition.

Also we would like to announce that with this change we will be entering the Diamond Division Battle Royale this Saturday and Sunday! SG Titus has great experience in DD wars and under his leadership his clans are unbeaten. If you are a current member of nG2 and would like to participate in this weekends final DD war just message SG Titus or nG Dalali and let them know that you want in. All nG2 members that want to play in wars this weekend will be promoted to nG1 and receive the red tags and a spot on the DD war roster. If you choose to participate in clan wars, you MUST download the GroupMe app on your phone and send SG Titus your email address so he can add you to the clan chat.

Once again thank you and please know that myself, ng Dominus and nG Cambothehood are working hard to make Nameless Gaming the best gaming org in the world.

nG Judah

We recently created the clan page on Bungie's website to get the tags within the game. If you're playing Destiny please go to and join the group. Once joined click Set As Xbox Clan to officially join the clan. The whole division is being led by nG Dandylion who will be leading the Xbox One clan as well. The Xbox 360 division will be led by nG Sithis. Please be sure to add these two as well as the following admin tags: nGDestiny1 (Xbox One) & nGDestiny360 (Xbox 360).

Any questions contact one of these two. They will be sending out messages to schedule raids, build fireteams, and more!

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