Nameless Gaming|Site Info

We recently created the clan page on Bungie's website to get the tags within the game. If you're playing Destiny please go to and join the group. Once joined click Set As Xbox Clan to officially join the clan. The whole division is being led by nG Dandylion who will be leading the Xbox One clan as well. The Xbox 360 division will be led by nG Sithis. Please be sure to add these two as well as the following admin tags: nGDestiny1 (Xbox One) & nGDestiny360 (Xbox 360).

Any questions contact one of these two. They will be sending out messages to schedule raids, build fireteams, and more!

We'd like to announce the latest addition to our org, Nameless Tournaments.  We will start hosting online tournaments in Call of Duty and Halo. Who knows, we might get crazy and look into other games (Destiny maybe?).  This will help us fund the org's operational costs as well as possibly funding a Call of Duty pro team.  The website is almost complete but is fully functional.  Check the site and our Twitter for upcoming
tournaments.  If you want to see a certain tournament contact one of the leaders

The website is